Local Transportation

Tellico West Industrial Properties is located strategically to serve 75% of the United States population within one days driving time.  Tellico West and Tellico Regional Business Park are located 26 miles from McGhee Tyson Airport via US Hwy and is located in Vonore, Tennessee, which is east of Nashville and south of Knoxville.  Sites are located 14 miles via US Hwy 72 to interstate 75 and Interstate 40 is 26 miles from I-75.  US Hwy 72 is a planned four-lane road with the Right of ways already acquired.

Nearest Major Highway:

U.S. 411 and State Route 72 directly serve the properties.  U.S. 411 has been four-laned to Knoxville airport.

Access to Interstate:

Interstate 75 is 14 miles via State Route 72 and Interstate 40 is 26 miles via Interstate 75.

Trucking Services:

There are more than 125 general commodity and specialized motor carrier terminals within a 50 mile radius.

Air Service:

McGhee Tyson Airport flyknoxville.com is the premier air facility in East Tennessee.  Daily, the airport handles commercial airline, air cargo, military aviation and general aviation air traffic.  With parallel 9,000 feet runways, McGhee Tyson Airport can accommodate any size aircraft in today’s inventory.  Located 12 miles south of downtown Knoxville, the airport occupies more than 2,000 acres of land with space for additional air cargo facilities or economic development.  McGhee Tyson offers 30 non stop direct flights to major cities including Atlanta, Dallas,/Ft Worth, Orlando, Miami, New York, Chicago, Denver and Washington D.C..  Seven major airlines serve McGhee Tyson AirTran Airways, Allegiant Air, American Eagles, Continental Airlines, Delta Air, United Airlines and US Airways.

The area also has a local aviation center Monroe County Airport, it covers an area of 56 acres which contains one asphalt runway measuring 3,501 x 75 ft (1,067 x 23 m).  

Air Cargo:

There are several air cargo companies with terminals at McGhee Tyson Airport that provide overnight express service.

Rail Service:

CSX Transportation http://csx.com/ rail spur serves the industrial properties, spur into Tellico West Industrial Park.  The nearest intermodal rail facility is located in Knoxville 45 minutes from the site.

CSX Transportation (CSX), provides a crucial link to the transportation supply chain through its approximately 21,000 route mile rail network, which serves every major population center in 23 states east of the Mississippi River, the District of Columbia, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.  It serves 70 ocean, river and lake ports along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway.  CSX also serves thousands of production and distribution facilities through track connections to more than 230 short-line and regional railroads.


The Port of Tellico located in Niles Ferry Industrial Park and is owned by the Tellico Reservoir Development Agency (TRDA).  This facility has two mooring cells.  The port is part of the largest tributary of the Ohio River; the Tennessee is part of the nation’s Inland Waterway System.  These interconnected river routes cover 11,000 miles and serve to strategically link geographic areas, major markets, suppliers of raw materials, processors, and consumers.


Tellico West is served by TDS Telecom. With the latest available technology, you’ll receive customized solutions to make the most of your opportunities. TDS offers high speed internet (DSL), phone systems, VoIP and local home service. Tellico Regional Business Park is served by AT&T. This is Greenfield development which has access to fiber and upper facilities. Currently no ADSL technology or Fiber to the Premise (video) service is available for that area. AT&T can provide any fiber based service, i.e. DS3 (on site multiplexer) or Metro-Ethernet based services. All digital services up to a DS1 circuit can be provided, as well as any basic telephone services.